Treasure Hunt-2016

Indore cycling association

Indore Cycling Association will be conducting the Treasure Hunt 2016 & Fun Ride on 27 November 2016 at Indore to raise the social awareness and popularize measures to effectively implement cycling as an alternative means of transport, in order to make our city greener , people healthier and substantially economize in terms of fuel.

We are expecting a turnout of more than twenty thousand people to witness the mega event and more than ten thousand populace taking part in the event (both cycling treasure hunt and fun ride).

The route for the Fun Ride has been chosen in the heart of the city. This place is time tested and has recently witnessed a record gathering of 25,000 cyclists and over 50,000 spectators during Indore Cyclothon-2015.

& promotion of cycling in Indore. ICA is committed to advancing policies with governing bodies by creating opportunities to develop new rides & help grow the sports.

Event Date & Venue